Ticket Resolvers Reviews

– I am a college student planning to attend graduate school and received a ticket for leaving the scene of a property damage accident. I hired The Ticket Resolvers. They appeared with me at the arraignment asserted my innocence, obtained a personal bond, reset court hearings to accommodate my school schedule then, after a several hours of meetings with the prosecutor, negotiated a favorable resolution of the case including dismissal of the misdemeanor, which is very important to me and my future career. I would recommend that anyone who gets a ticket consult with the Ticket Resolvers.
M.M. – Bloomfield, MI.

– After receiving two tickets in Grosse Pointe Farms, I figured I didn’t have a chance. After calling The Ticket Resolvers, they reassured me there was a good chance he could preserve my driving record. After one trip to court, the Ticket Resolvers obtained very favorable result for me.
Y. Algiery – Canton, MI

– I called ticketresolvers.com after receiving 3 tickets in Romulus. I had heard that Romulus was a tough court, so I was quite discouraged. After two trips to court, two tickets were dismissed altogether and the third was reduced to non abstract-able double parking ticket.
C. Haag, Northville, Michigan.

I called the Ticket Resolvers when I was issued a possession of marijuana ticket.  I was very concerned about a misdemeanor as I was graduating from college and would be seeking employment.  My attorney from Ticket Resolvers met with me right away.  After 3 trips to court, they were able to get the charge dismissed.
G. Jones, Warren, Michigan

I received a Failure to Yield resulting in an Accident. I called around and found that the Ticket Resolvers attorney was not only the most reasonable but sounded the most competent. After one trip to Court, the charge was dropped to a non-reportable civil infraction bearing only a fine.
J Malone, Northville, MI.

–  I was charged with failure to stop and clear distance which resulted in an accident. I called the Ticket Resolvers attorney and he met with me right away. Not only did he set my mind at ease, he delivered. I ended up with impeding traffic, carrying only a fine. No points!
G. Balev

– I was charged with a Misdemeanor involving an accident. I met with the Ticket Resolvers attorney and hired them on the spot. The very first court appearance, he was able to get my case dismissed. I would recommend Ticket Resolvers to all my family and friends.
T. Tabcynski

I hired the Ticket Resolvers attorneys to represent me on a Drunk Driving charge. I was represented diligently and competently and my case was completely dismissed.  I would recommend the Ticket Resolvers attorneys to represent anyone similarly charged.
Andre L. – Ypsilanti, MI

I called the Ticket Resolvers attorneys office today regarding an outstanding bench warrant from an old Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charge. The attorney met me at the courthouse the same day, filed an appearance, got the case called, appeared before the judge and had the warrant set aside. I was able to get my license from the Secretary of State the next day. I was very impressed by his services and told him that he is the #1 traffic lawyer by Google in Southeast Michigan.
Kyle C. – Van Buren, MI

I found the Ticket Resolvers through this website and hired them to represent me on two traffic matters in Ann Arbor and Pontiac. Being an attorney myself, I was hesitant to hire an attorney and initially chose to represent myself, which was not pleasant. After their attorney got involved with the case, I was very impressed by his knowledge and get-it-done approach to getting the matters resolved. Through his impressive negotiation skills, I was able to have most of the matters dismissed.  I highly recommend Ticket Resolvers  traffic representation services to everyone.
Leo J. – Ann Arbor, MI

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