Speeding Tickets / Reckless Driving

Traffic Tickets

A traffic infraction can be as minor as speeding or as serious as reckless endangerment. If you’re looking to obtain the best representation to contest any Michigan moving violation, you’ve come to the right place.

Traffic Tickets affect insurance rates and your driving record. Lasting and harsh penalties, are involved. Special programs and breaks for “non-abstract” to get good record and are often available, but not publicly known. We get great breaks for our clients. Call us now for a free consultation.

Misdemeanor traffic offenses are generally non-expunge-able and stay on your record for the rest of your life.

Don’t Wait to Take Action

If you were recently cited a traffic violation such as speeding, it’s important that you take legal action as soon as possible. While one traffic citation may not seem like a big deal, the expenses associated with routine traffic tickets have increased dramatically in the last 20 years. Not only do insurance premiums increase, but it opens a gateway for not being given any future breaks on future traffic stops. The law enforcement agencies do not feel guilty about further blemishing a driver’s record. Further, although the “points” may drop off, the ticket does not. Ten years from now, a traffic violation that a driver was convicted of, is still out there for police entities to see and invites more tickets to be written in the unfortunate event of a future traffic stop. Lastly, 3 tickets in three years, alerts the Secretary of State to pull a driver’s record for review for license suspension. For CDL (Commercial Driving License) holders, one ticket can cost them their job. Two tickets in two years, causes immediate ineligibility for renewal of privileges to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle. We recommend defending all moving violations, even zero pointers.

For that reason, you need an experienced attorney to assist you with any new or old traffic ticket matter.

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Reckless Driving

What is Reckless Driving in Michigan?

Michigan Law (MCL 257.626) is defined as operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway, including parking lots, with a wanton or willful disregard for the safety of persons or property. It is a very serious charge with penalties almost as harsh as Drunk Driving. Great care should be taken up front to defend this allegation. Reckless Driving is a criminal misdemeanor. If convicted, like a tattoo, it stays with you for life.

Good news is, being represented by a  knowledgeable, respected,  aggressive attorney with expertise,  reckless driving is almost always a winnable charge. The prosecution bears the burden  of proof,  beyond a reasonable doubt, that willful, wanton, disregard for life, or for  property, existed.

Penalties for Reckless Driving

  • Up to 93 days in jail
  • Up to $500 in fines plus costs
  • Six points on your driving record
  • Driver’s License is suspended for 90 days
  • $1000 in driver responsibility fees
  • Vehicle forfeiture or immobilization
  • CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders – automatic one year suspension.

The livelihood of most individuals depends on having a driver’s license, so it is of the utmost importance to vehemently defend this allegation. You will find our rates beat most of the competition.

We know the law and have successfully defended hundreds  reckless driving charges in the past.

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I handle all traffic matters in courts throughout the State of Michigan including 37th District Court (Warren), 38th District Court (Eastpointe), 39th District Court (Fraser/Roseville), 40th District Court (St. Clair Shores), 41A District Court (Shelby Township/Sterling Heights), 41B District Court (Clinton Township), 42nd District Court (New Baltimore/Romeo) as well as 43rd  District Court (Hazel Park/Madison Heights), 44th District Court (Royal Oak), 45th District Court (Oak Park), 46th District Court (Southfield), 47th District Court (Farmington Hills), 48th District Court (Bloomfield Hills), 50th District Court (Pontiac), 51st District Court (Waterford), 52-1 District Court (Novi), 52-2 District Court (Clarkston), 52-3 District Court (Rochester Hills), and 52-4 District Court (Troy)

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Protect Your Driving Privileges

Most people pay their traffic tickets and don’t realize that is admitting guilt and have to suffer consequences and expenses they may not have considered. We recommend contesting each and every infraction even if you’re guilty as charged. A good traffic attorney can successfully adjudicate a reduction or dismissal regardless of the nature of the offense. When you consider the fines, administrative fees, and long term increase in insurance premiums, the cost of a defense lawyer is a worthwhile.