License Restoration

What's the difference between...

A Suspended and revoked license?

In Michigan, when a driver violates certain legal or traffic offenses, the Secretary of State can suspend or revoke the driver’s license, as driving is considered a “privilege”. This causes an “invalid license”, and the driver can no longer legally operate a vehicle.

The difference between a revoked license and a suspended license is: A license suspension is temporary. A suspended license can be reinstated after a specific pre-determined amount of time, or by taking the required affirmative action, such as paying fines.

A “revoked license” means the license is not valid ever again, if not appealed. A Revocation is complete termination of driving privileges, and an appeal process must be initiated with the State. The appeal process is far more grueling than most people anticipate. The petition should be prepared and submitted by a licensed attorney using specialized forms and meeting the increasingly challenging requirements of application with the new 2020 mandates.

Prevailing at the Appeal Hearing is much more complex than one would anticipate. The fatalities caused by habitual offense drivers is most likely the culprit causing laws to get more stringent each year. If a Petition is denied by the Hearing Officer (Basically Administrative Judges), you may not re-apply for one year.

Appeals can easily be denied, due to applicant error. Again, you may not reapply for one year. Even the wrong attorney, who does not know what the licensing board specifically is looking for, can cause a denial of an appeal of a revocation. We have mastered the art and our petitioners get back on the road.

Our experienced License Restoration Attorneys are well versed and know what it takes to prevail at any of these types of hearings:

  • Revocation / Denial
  • Ignition Interlock Violation
  • Sobriety Court
  • Legal Issue
  • Implied Consent
  • Removal of Restrictions (Ignition Interlock, BAAID, Blow and Go)
  • Traffic Safety Division (Reexam)

Our firm has the “winning recipe” for helping you prevail in front of the licensing board through the Administrative Hearing Section, (AHS). – Formally known as DAADDriver’s Assessment and Appeals Division, also formally known as DLADDriver’s License Appeal Division”.

We can get your revoked license reinstated through administrative or judicial procedures.
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Causes for Suspensions and Revocations:

Michigan has laws and rules that suspend driver licenses for any of several maladies, including points, medical conditions, drunk driving convictions, unpaid tickets, failure to comply with judgments, certain criminal convictions, drug offenses, out-of-state “reciprocal” suspensions.

DUI – drunk driving convictions – of two or more are considered “habitual” and require reinstatement by procedure of an application and hearing before the Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeals Division (DAAD) which should be prepared and submitted by a licensed attorney using specialized forms and requirements of application.

Causes for Suspensions and Revocations further defined in Michigan Legislature Section 257.319 and MCL (Michigan Compiled Laws) Section 257.904




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