Drug Offenses

It is alarming that even if someone else accidentally drops one of their prescription pills in your  car that the driver can still be charged with possession. Equally alarming is how little it takes for a drug offense to become a felony. Just a few analogues or class D medications, possessed without a prescription, can be charged as a felony.  In 2017 we are seeing more and more of arrests due to drug intoxication as opposed to alcohol related. Before the  arrest, the civilian has the choice of agreeing to a blood draw or loss of license for one year. Even as little as one dosage in the blood and the charge can stand.  An experienced criminal defense  attorney can get these charges dismissed, taken under advisement or the record sealed – so background checks will not show the conviction. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can suppress evidence, and can raise reasonable doubt with tactics of lack of intent and lack of evidence.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney has become essential in today’s world because-

  • Any moving violation entered onto your record increases your insurance premiums.
  • Insurance companies “rate” your driving propensities based on traffic convictions.
  • If you acquire over 7 points, you must pay an additional $100.00 per year for 2 years (beyond court fines).
  • Any point over 7 points bills an additional $50 for each year more than 7 points exist
  • Therefore, to avoid paying penalties and keep the convictions off the record, it is important to hire an attorney.