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Theft Offenses

Larceny can be charged for something as petty as a stolen receipt. Retail Fraud, Larceny, accepting stolen goods,  . Nullam bibendum sem eu leo consequat, nec tristique libero faucibus. Praesent egestas blandit bibendum. Maecenas in odio nec est convallis semper. Etiam iaculis ante feugiat, congue elit sed, facilisis justo. In sit amet rutrum dui, id sagittis leo. Nulla facilisi. Phasellus in risus sem. Etiam mollis magna sed lobortis interdum. Donec non nisl id nulla malesuada efficitur. Fusce vitae sapien condimentum, ornare augue sit amet, condimentum ipsum. Aliquam in neque porta, vestibulum mi sit amet, lacinia magna. Fusce eget posuere tortor, sit amet ultricies tellus.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney has become essential in today’s world because-

  • Any moving violation entered onto your record increases your insurance premiums.
  • Insurance companies “rate” your driving propensities based on traffic convictions.
  • If you acquire over 7 points, you must pay an additional $100.00 per year for 2 years (beyond court fines).
  • Any point over 7 points bills an additional $50 for each year more than 7 points exist
  • Therefore, to avoid paying penalties and keep the convictions off the record, it is important to hire an attorney.